Associate Professor of Strategic Communication

  • • PhD, Intercultural Mass Communication, Ohio University
  • • MA, Business Communication, University of North Texas
  • • BA Radio, TV, Film, Baylor University

Teaching Specialties
  • • Applied Business Communication
  • • Advertising
  • • Public Relations
  • • Sales and Persuasion

Research Interests
  • • International Persuasive Techniques
  • • Intercultural Communication
  • • Public Relations Crisis Communication

  • • National Communications Association
  • • Association for Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • • Southern States Communication Association

As represented by his name, Dr. Don Love, he is passionate. He is passionate about education. He is passionate about professionalism. He is passionate about life. ASUCQ is his first teaching experience in Mexico but is a continuation of his international education practice which includes universities in Dubai, Vietnam, and along the Mexico/Texas border. He has received Teacher of the Year awards at two of his university positions.

He has served as president of both public relations and intercultural association divisions of academic organizations in the US, organized international education conferences in the middle east, and written for business news organizations in Dubai, UAE and Hanoi, Vietnam. He is published in scholarly journals and conferences proceedings in 8 countries.

Primarily, however, Don wants to ensure those who know him get the most out of every life experience. Whether it is going through all of the challenges of attaining visas for students from 13 countries to tour advertising companies in Riyad, Saudi Arabia, getting in trouble for leading students as they chanted their school’s name too loudly according to security after winning a debate tournament, or driving most of the night across the ‘lost quarter’ of the United Arab Emirates to ensure his student make it from graduation to his sister’s wedding dinner on time (halal, of course), Don Love is all in.

Arkansas State University at Ciudad Queretaro places students first. Dr. Love is proud to represent that tradition.
Contact Information
Tel. 01419 6893054