A-State University

A-State University Campus Queretaro is honored to congratulate Dr. Maria Juarez. Her paper “Microscopic entropy of higher-dimensional nonminimally dressed Lifshitz black holes” has been accepted for publication in Physical Review D, one of the most well-respected journals in STEM topics.

Industry 4.0

To survive and succeed in the digital era, companies need to transform themselves into digital companies." World Economic Forum 2016

Maccabean Games 2019

On June 28, 29 and 30 of this year, Arkansas State University Campus Queretaro, lent its facilities to the Mexican Jewish Sports Delegation, which will be participating in the 2019 Pan-American Games, to carry out its traditional "Pre-camp" activities.

Convenio de colaboración General Motors de México y Arkansas State University

ESTADO DE QUERÉTARO A 31 DE MAYO DE 2018 – El día de hoy, General Motors de México inauguró un Centro de Desarrollo de Proveedores en conjunto con Arkansas State University, Campus Querétaro, tras firmar un convenio de colaboración para capacitar a su cadena de suministro.

Red Wolves Tryouts

Are you the best in the sport you practice? at Arkansas State University Campus Queretaro we have an opportunity for you, come and show your talent with us giving your best at #RedWolvesTryOuts

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