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The Training Courses offered by the
Supplier Development Center are:
CCA / Customer Care Aftersales
General requirements for CCA (Customer Care and Aftersales) suppliers. Order management and transportation systems for service parts. Packaging standards for General Motors, GM 1738 and GM CCA.

BIQ Built In Quality
Interactive workshop getting the manufacture elements related to Automotive industry, to GM specific requirement: Built in Quality. One to One, these are fully explained in so simple manner to help the attendees visualize the proper implementation at their facilities.

APQP / Advanced Product Quality Planning
The objective of this course is to understand the purpose and goal of Advanced Product Quality Planning and Production Part Approval Process, including the GM specific requirements and expectations. Is intended to professionals in the Automotive Industry with the objective of successful launching of new programs in compliance with GM specific requirements, in order to achieve the PPAP and Run at Rate approval on time.

PFMEA / Process Failure Mode &
The PFMEA Training will help you to fully develop a process FMEA efficiently and effectively, analyzing the failure modes and effects of all functions of the manufacturing and assembly processes.

GD&T / Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance
This training provides an objective measure of an individual’s ability to understand Engineering drawings correctly based on the ASMEY14.5 2009 norm, also Will have a solid comprehension of the following GMWs:
• GM1925 (GM Checking Fixture Standard).
• GM 1927-29 (Gage Concept, Design, Build, Gage R&R).
• GMW15049 (KCD’s Standard).
• GMW16812 (GM GD&T Addendum).
• GM10067 (Global Part Submission Procedure for Iterative Matching).

To ensure all customer requirements are both understood and satisfied, the training is based on the systems of the union of the materials by means of the electric arc and the electrical resistance in relation to the standards and the specifications referred by the client. Such standards and specifications may include, but are not limited, for example, SAE, AIAG, ASTM, ASME, AWS, ISO, GENERAL MOTORS.

R@R / Run at Rate
Purpose of course is to review Commercial for a clear understanding of how a good SDC (Supplier Daily Capacity) is established on a Contract. A practical exercise to understand GM1927-35 concepts of the R@R Workbook will be clarified. This info will be transferred to SQMS Module explaining the concepts of Master Process, Detail Process and Sub detail process, with conciliation in the final results. Second part of the Course is focused on Theory of Constraints, which considers Deep dive analysis to 5 steps of Constraint Management Continuous Improvement Process.

SPPS / Supplier Practical Problem Solving
This system is replacing GQTS' PRRs.
The goal of this training course is to allow you fully to understand the complete procedure for Problem Reporting and Resolution, applicable for the whole supply base, either if it is for direct material, indirect, machine & equipment or services.  Additionally, the basic methodology for problem resolution is explained.

DFSS / Design For Six Sigma
This workshop is targeted to those Automotive Industry professionals whose objective is to optimize product and process, as well as to innovate and create new robust and effective solutions.
Methodology for product optimization and process improvement.

IATF 16949 Relation V/S GM Requirement
In this workshop the presents the General Motors specific requirements linked to the IATF-16949 Norm Compliance.

Problem Solving Basic Tools
Técnicas de análisis para la solución a problemas, basadas en la comprensión de la evidencia física y datos, dando como resultado la identificación de la variable de mayor influencia sobre el problema analizado y, por ende, un claro entendimiento de la causa raíz de los problemas y propuestas para su solución. Dentro del curso serán aplicadas herramientas estadísticas básicas, y metodologías tales como la determinación de la causa raíz por medio de Cinco Porqués, 7 Diamantes GM y la Validación de los sistemas de medición.

IT Tools / GM Tranning
This workshop presents the system basics required and used by the GM suppliers to enable an effective and official communication with General Motors.  The necessary IT systems and its basic navigation are reviewed in order to facilitate the information exchange and comply with the GM requirements for Quality Management, among others: GQTS – Global Quality Tracking System, SCMS – Supplier Certification Management System, Sourceability Report, SPPS, SQMS, PRTS, CLIP, EDI, Supply Power, etc. This workshop is targeted to those who are initiating their business with GM or those who wish to know more about the communication and Quality Management systems within General Motors.

T R A I N I N G   C O U R S E   S U M M A R Y
-Cost by participant.
-Prices show in Mexican Pesos.
-Courses on ASUCQ Campus incluide coffee break and lunch.
-In-Company mode requires a minimum of 20, Maximum 25.
Karla Patiño / Vinculación ASUCQ
(419) 689 03 54 ext. 2065
Gabriela Ugalde Balbi / Director Comercial ASUCQ
(419) 689 0354 ext.2067
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